Michael Burnett » Welcome!


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Mr. Burnett’s 1st Grade classroom!


I’m honored and excited to be your child’s teacher this year.  I promise to do my personal and professional best to ensure the success of your child and every student in our class.  I truly hope the students will remember 1st grade as one of their very best years ever! 


This is my first year at Naomi Pasemann Elementary.  I’ve been a 1st grade teacher for the last four years and prior to that taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Houston.  I also have several years of international experience as an English immersion and language teacher.  I was born and educated in Canada so you might – possibly! – catch a slight Ontario twang in my accent.


My wife and I have lived in Taylor for five years.  We have a 3-year-old daughter, an infant son, and a rascally puppy named Clem who digs up the flowers in the back yard.  We live in an older house and I keep busy on the home-front with various DIY projects.  This summer was the year of exterior painting…needless to say after many, many hot days I am well ready to hang up my paintbrush and get back into the classroom where I belong.


1st grade is truly a special a year when we often see a blossoming in reading and mathematics skills.  As a teacher, it is thrilling to work with students as they gain independence as readers and begin to develop a true love of books.  Mathematics is equally exciting as we work on many of the foundational skills that are the basis for future learning.


We can do a lot to support our students by establishing and maintaining strong parent-teacher communication throughout the year.  Let’s open the lines of communication early on.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, phone, note, or Classroom Dojo and I will respond in a timely manner.


I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child and together making this a fantastic year!!





Michael Burnett